About Pyrmont


This beautiful suburb called Pyrmont, received its name back in 1806 when water bubbling out from a rock was spotted and was compared to a similar and very popular natural spring in Germany called Pyrmont.

At present

The injection of more than $240 million of Commonwealth and State funding, mainly for new services, roadways and infrastructure, and a joint effort by the public and private sectors have made Pyrmont what it is today. One of Sydney's most sought after districts.

For the future

Pyrmont’s recent redevelopment has seen the rise of many luxurious apartment buildings available for sale and lease attracting many new investors and residents to the area. Media, telecommunications and hospitality industries are among those drawing newcomers to Pyrmont - now gaining a reputation as a high-tech home for clean industry. The ABC, Channel 7, Channel 10, Foxsports and Nova 96.9 have made Pyrmont their new home.
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